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Bandipur -Karnataka- India
Located in the southern part of the beautiful state of Karnataka, Bandipur is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India.There is something different about jungles where you know elephants roam wild. The feeling has a lot to do with awe, but it goes beyond that. There is something reassuringly eternal about stepping into circumstances that prevailed during the Paleocene Age, when mammals first began to fill niches left by dying dinosaurs. One such mammalian chain that profited was the Proboscidae, after the Latin proboscis, which means nose. Bandipur is elephant country. The Bandipur forests were once the Mysore Maharaja's personal game preserve. Protection began in the early part of the century. It is one of the few reserves that has survived and flourished.

Close to other sanctuaries like Mudumalai, Wynaad and Nagarahole, Bandipur maintains its own distinctive identity. It was brought under Project Tiger in 1973. It has quietly survived the ill effects of the Kabini River Valley Project and outbreaks of rinderpest that almost completely destroyed the local gaur population. A low profile and careful management has sustained this rich land that continues to flourish with diverse vegetation, thriving animal life and a prolific insect and bird population.
Bandipur Geography and Climate :
Bandipur National Park located between 75° 12’ 17” E to 76° 51’ 32” E and 11° 35’ 34” N to 11° 57’ 02” N where the Deccan Plateau meets the Western Ghats and the altitude of the park ranges from 680 meters (2,230 ft) to 1,454 meters (4,770 ft).

As a result, the park has a variety of biomes including dry deciduous forests, moist deciduous forests and shrublands. The wide range of habitats help support a diverse range of organisms. The park is flanked by the Kabini river in the north and the Moyar river in the south. The Nugu river runs through the park. The highest point in the park is on a hill called Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, where there is a Hindu temple at the summit. Bandipur has typical tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry and hot period usually begins in early March and can last till the arrival of the monsoon rains in June.

Bandipur Distance(s)
  • Mysore - Bandipur: 66Kms
  • Ooty - Bandipur: 80kms
  • Coimbatore - Bandipur: 170 kms
  • Bangalore- Bandipur:215Kms

The region is warm and comfortable for most parts of the year with temperatures ranging from 24 to 28°C, except for the brief winter that lasts from October to January when the temperature hovers around the 19°C mark. Monsoon is erratic, but it generally rains from June to September.
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How to reach Bandipur
Bandipur Tourist Attractions
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