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Orchha , Madhya Pradesh - India
Orchha (or Urchha) is a town in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh state, India. The town was established by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501, as the seat of an eponymous former princely state of central India, in the Bundelkhand region. Orchha lies on the Betwa River, 80 km from Tikamgarh & 15 km from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

Orchha was founded in the 15th century AD, by the Bundela chief, Rudra Pratap Singh, who became the first King of Orchha, (r. 1501-1531) and also built the Fort of Orchha. The Chaturbhuj Temple was built, during the time of Akbar, by the Queen of Orchha ganeshi bai, while Raj Mandir was built by 'Madhukar Shah' during his reign, 1554 to 1591.
History of Orchha:
In Orchha the present fades into the shadows as history takes over with its tales of brave kings, luxurious palace and beautiful temples. The 11th century corresponds to the growth of Sultans and Bundelas were actually local chieftains who by their chivalry, political wisdom and prowess rose as noble kings. Initially they had their headquarters which were at a terrible height and hence the Mughals did not care for them.

In the earlier part of the 16th century after the end of Lodi dynasty they began expanding their territory but they lost their territory to the Tughlaks. Therefore, Bundelas darted from place to place. After two decades Raja Rudra Pratap discovered an island enveloped by dense forest and Orchha was born.
Best Season / Best time to visit Orchha:
The climates in Orchha are both hot and cold. In summers, the temperature rises to about 48°C and minimum temperature is about 25°C. Winters during December to February are pleasant within a temperature range of 9°C to 25°C. Monsoons offer average rainfall.

Bastar-Dussera days during September - October are very attractive with processions and illuminations. Nine days festival is accompanied by fairs and cultural programs.

Best time to visit is October to March. March and April provide eye catching view of landscape adorned with colors of palash blossoms.
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Places of interest in Orchha
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