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River Rafting Tour
River Rafting is journeying on the torrential river on an inflatable rubber boat. A river trip is often an adventure but not always. An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally enjoy it. A whitewater river rafting trip also provides oppportunity for geological surveys and fishing. You are provided with whitewater life-vest to put on all the time while on the river. You are also provided with a helmet, when needed. A trained professional river guide heads the rafting team. Normally, all camping equipment and meals are provide by the outfitter.

Rafting is recreational activity which is widely gaining popularity amongst the water sports fanatic. They use a raft to navigate the boat through a body of water. They usually preferred the rough waters, in order to give the thrill and excitement they ask for. River Rafting in India is a sure fire way to satisfy thrill seeking adventurers like you, as rafting like never before are offered with an ample location reserved for your river rafting adventure.
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7N/8 D- River rafting on Ganges
2N/3D-River Rafting Tour