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ALLAHABAD - Uttar Pradesh
Allahabad (Prayag) has a very special and unique place as a spiritual & religious centre. All the religious-minded people are familiar with the importance of Teerthraj Prayag; which is situated at the confluence of Mokshdayini Ganga, Ravisuta Yamuna and Antahsalila Saraswati rivers. In Hindu Dharmshastras and epics Prayagraj has been enjoined and recognized as Teerthraj. Though Prayag has not been enumerated as Saptmokshdayani Nagari, yet the importance of its being an ancient historical, cultural and religious place can never be overemphasized.

To look at the supernatural beauty spread around Sangam area of Prayag, the pilgrims / tourists visit day in and day out not only from all over India but also from various foreign countries. The idol of Shree bade Hanuman Jee presides near the ancient Indian Fort situated in the Sangam area of the religious city of Prayag (Allahabad).

Shri Hanumanji, the son of Anjana and Pavan has incarnated near the famous fort of Prayag in the shape of an idol without any expression of sound to uplift the whole humanity in this kaliyuga. Shri Hanuman Ji is the God of power dexterity and valour.
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