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A city of tremendous historical significance, Thanjavur can still be regarded as the dotting guardian of Tamil culture. An agricultural hub, Thanjavur or Tanjore was the royal city of Cholas, Nayaks and Mahrattas during medieval period. Also called the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu, the place is famous for its handicrafts. Thanjavur still preserves and promotes classical arts and music, Bharatnatyam dances and the Tanjore style of painting. .

Thanjavur has been the capital of mighty Cholas for centuries. Therefore it is only natural that the city has remained the focal point of cultural movement and activities in the peninsular India. The Cholas have been known as the patrons of magnificent art culture and that is why Tanjore has a lot of attractions to see and appreciate
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Visiting Places in Tanjore
Places around Tanjore