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The hill station - Manali is blessed with nature's finest gifts. The enchanting valley is so picturesque that it has earned the name 'Switzerland of India'. The sky touching mountain peaks, the kingdom of clouds, the colorful valley, the lush green vegetation, the friendly people and many more things come to one's mind when they think about Manali.

There are many legendary and mythological stories attached with the birth of the wonderful place. The area earned its name from the great sage - Manu. The most interesting part about Manali is its serenity despite the regular visits of thousands of tourists. Manali is situated only 40 km away from another beautiful hill station - Kulu. It is in fact, located at the northern border of the Kulu Valley.

With a mix of various communities like Kullus, Kashmiris, Ladakhis etc. the total population of Manali is around 4000. The paradisiacal valley is situated at an altitude of 1950 meters. The overall climate of the area is very rejuvenating and refreshing; however, the winters are pretty cold with temperatures going down below zero degree centigrade along with heavy snowfalls.

Manali is an integral part of the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The Manali administrative authority has stressed on building the infrastructure of the hill station in all respect. Apart from improving the transportation system, it is trying to improve the health sector and basic education.

Leh is the the largest town of Ladakh withan area of 45110 Sq Km. The district is bounded by Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the West, China in the north and eastern part, and Lahul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh in South East.

For a long time Leh remained the capital of the Rajas of Ladakh. It lies at an altitude of 10,800 ft above sea level. Leh district comprises of Leh town and 112 inhabited villages
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