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Allahabad :

Allahabad (Prayag) has a very special and unique place as a spiritual & religious centre. All the religious-minded people are familiar with the importance of Teerthraj Prayag; which is situated at the confluence of Mokshdayini Ganga, Ravisuta Yamuna and Antahsalila Saraswati rivers. In Hindu Dharmshastras and epics Prayagraj has been enjoined and recognized as Teerthraj. Though Prayag has not been enumerated as Saptmokshdayani Nagari, yet the importance of its being an ancient historical, cultural and religious place can never be overemphasized.

Shri Hanumanji, the son of Anjana and Pavan has incarnated near the famous fort of Prayag in the shape of an idol without any expression of sound to uplift the whole humanity in this kaliyuga. Shri Hanuman Ji is the God of power dexterity and valour.

Varanasi :

Banaras is the most visited pilgrimage destination in all of India. One of the seven Holy Cities, one of the twelve Jyotir Linga sites and also a Shakti Pitha site, it is the most favored place for Hindus to die and be cremated. Myths and hymns speak of the waters of the Ganges as the fluid medium of Shiva's divine essence and a bath in the river is believed to wash away all of one's sins. The particular river-side location of Banaras is considered especially potent because, in less than six miles (ten kilometers), the Ganges is met by two other rivers, the Asi and the Varana. Commenting of this specific location of Banaras along the river Ganges, the Hindu scripture Tristhalisetu explains that, 

Varanasi and Kashi, meaning “where the supreme light shines”, this great north Indian center of Shiva worship has had more than 3000 years of continuous habitation.

Few standing buildings are older than the 16th century, however, as Muslim armies raiding from the 11th century onward destroyed the ancient Hindu temples and erected mosques on their foundations. Qutbuddin Aibak's armies were said to have destroyed more than a thousand temples in 1194, and Shan Jahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal, had seventy-six temples demolished.

Encircling the holy city at a radius of five miles is the sacred path known as the Panchakroshi Parikrama. Pilgrims take five days to circumambulate Kashi on this fifty-mile path, visiting 108 shrines along the way. If one is unable to walk the entire path a visit to the Panchakroshi Temple will suffice. By walking round the sanctuary of this shrine, with its 108 wall reliefs of the temples along the sacred way, the pilgrim makes a symbolic journey around the sacred city. Another important Banaras pilgrimage route is the Nagara Pradakshina, which takes two days to complete and has seventy-two shrines.
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